Ferrari F8 Tributo, the substitute of the 488 GTB arrives with 720 HP and 340 km/h

Each time a mark the height of Ferrari, Lamborghini or Mclaren announces the arrival of a new model, the expectation that they raise is amazing. After some rumors, today we have seen a new model of the signature of the " cavallino rampante ", which will be officially presented to the public next Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show . Its name is Ferrari F8 Tribute .

The Ferrari F8 Tribute comes to replace the Ferrari 488 GTB , which in turn was successor to the Ferrari 458 Italia , the base model on which improvements and aesthetic changes have been made in these two models. The aesthetic features of 458 are still very present. In any case, the benefits have improved ostensibly , as well as the technology that makes the most of it.

This new model from the world's most famous automotive firm keeps the V8 central-rear engine that has received multiple awards in the last three years. We speak of the V8 at 90 degrees with supercharging of 3,902 cubic centimeters. In this F8 Tributo develops a maximum power of 720 hp at 8,000 laps and a huge torque of 770 Nm from only 3,250. Its specific power, therefore, is 185 horses per liter of displacement, which is a fairly high ratio.

Compared to the 488 GTB, the new model is 50 hp more powerful.

The benefits of the new Ferrari F8 Tribute are worthy of admiration. They emphasize a 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.9 seconds and a 0 to 200 in only 7.8 ; Shocking figures for a rear-propelled vehicle. Meanwhile, the maximum speed declared by the cavallino company is 340 km/h . This is also due, in part, to aerodynamic work and weight reduction, since it only scores 1,330 kilos on the scale.

Among other things, the Ferrari F8 Tribute has improved the Side system Slip Control lateral sliding, aerodynamic efficiency (10%) or thermal management of the engine and its auxiliary systems; so that it is presented as a more effective car and, moreover, easier to drive for the hands of drivers who are not professional drivers.

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