For its 20th anniversary, Pagani will bring something special to the Geneva Motor Show

Twenty years ago, I was arriving at the Salon de l'Automobile de Geneva an unknown signature. It was named Pagani Modena Design and was founded in 1991 by Italo-Argentinian engineer and businessman Horacio Pagani. The first model presented was the Zonda C12 , which hid three messages in its denomination. The first, Zonda , due to a dry wind from the Andes. The second, "C" , in honor of Cristina Sinagra, wife of Horacio.

However, the number "12" was the secret spectacular. This data referred to the V12 gasoline block that Mercedes-Benz gave them through the great Juan Manuel Fangio. In fact, this model was going to be called Fangio F1 , but after his death in 1995 they decided to opt for Zonda. After the warm welcome that the model had, Horacio decided to change the name of his brand and leave it as Pagani Automobili SpA .

On his twentieth birthday, Pagani Automobili wants to surprise

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Well, from that 1999 to our days have passed two decades and as expected, Pagani strong> wants to celebrate her birthday in the same room where she was born. For this, they have decided that they will hold a great celebration on March 5, just the day the Swiss event opens its doors to the press. However, this meeting will have a exception guest , although for now we know very little about it.

Thanks to Instagram , we could see that there will be a novelty at the stand of the brand. For now, the image they have spread of the model is very vague, but we can imagine four scenarios. First, they are about to present their first electric hyperdeportivo . This model would be planned for 2025, but it could well be a preview of the work being carried out.

The second situation that could arise is that they were preparing a special version of the Zonda . In the third case, we could be facing the same situation, but for the Huayra . Last but not least, Pagani would like to present a special unit of the Zonda C12 that launched him to stardom. However, there is no choice but to wait until March 5 to find out what will happen. In the meantime, congratulations.

Source - Pagani

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