The PSA Group will lead its return to the US with Peugeot in the lead

After its last major crisis, the PSA Group understood something crucial: it should be less dependent on Europe . To do this, he strengthened his alliances in China and made a very brave decision: return to United States . The last vehicle he marketed there was a Peugeot 405 in the year 1991 and after that they left the country. However, now that almost three decades have passed they want to return to show that French cars are not what they used to be.

The announcement of the return of the PSA Group to the United States one year ago At that time, they confirmed that the offices would be located in the city of Atlanta ​​strong>. After that, they listed the 15 states by which they would start this new incursion, including California, Florida or Texas. However, where it seems that there has been a change of strategy is in the signature with which they will take the first step.

The PSA Group is already standardizing its models for the US

In a first step it was speculated that it would be DS the signature that would open the way to the PSA Group strong> in the United States. However, it is a recently created brand and its range is still in its infancy. Hence, it has not caught us by surprise that they have thought better about Peugeot , because it was the last one to leave and the public still remembers it. In addition, there are two arguments that give weight to this strategy.

On the one hand Citroën had to run out due to the poor quality of its products, leaving customers somewhat pissed off. On the other, Opel is still in direct competition with General Motors and therefore, the American conglomerate would denounce the PSA Group if they introduce it without their consent. However, as confirmed by Larry Dominique, director of the consortium for North America

"Our decision to take Peugeot back to the United States is the culmination of Years of research , to determine which of the PSA Group's brands would best meet the needs of customers in this market "[...]" Peugeot is the best option for the market of North America, based on brand awareness on the part of consumers and emerging demographics "

Peugeot will not have a dealer network to use

For his part, Carlos Tavares has ensured that for the sale of the models of Peugeot in the country will not create a commercial network . In his case, and without giving many details, he says that they have identified a " creative and disruptive way of distributing their vehicles". All in all, they are now in the process of approving the models they want to take to the United States and these procedures could take several years.

Tavares has confirmed that the return of Peugeot will be frugal, conservative and profitable , so you will not be in a hurry to grow. This phase of the PSA Group plan is of vital importance, as its models will not be local manufacturing . Its origin will be Europe or China, so any economic change could compromise its prices, yields and sales. We will have to see how the situation occurs, but the plan established is 10 years according to Larry Dominique.

Source - Automotive News

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