Fernando Alonso appointed McLaren's ambassador

Fernando Alonso in Abu Dhabi

Fernando Alonso made a appearance yesterday in the tests of preseason of F1 2019. It did not roll with the car as it was rumored before, and already they confirmed from Woking that it would not do it during the preseason. But that does not mean I'm not going to pronounce the MCL34. In fact, it will do some tests (possibly those of Pirelli) during the season and will even contribute to the development of the McLaren MCL35 .

Alonso does not stop, and is still linked to F1. More with this new position as ambassador of the firm McLaren to carry it around the world. Zak Brown already said that he would remain in the McLaren family and this has been confirmed today, as does Mika Häkkinen, although with some responsibilities different from those of the Finn, who does not test cars or contribute with the current development ...

"See you soon" Alonso on the front wing of the MCL33

The new McLaren ambassador , Fernando Alonso, has also confirmed some interesting details in his statements that might sound like a comeback? Well, we're not going to be the ones who throw a rumor or speculate with a possible return. But we already said that the own Briatore or the same Alonso have said that it was not a final goodbye to the F1, but a see you later. And listen to these words and analyze them:

"The regulations, the tires, the race strategies, ... Things like that, things that are simple, but being up to date is the main thing for a driver who It does not run this season . [...] As I said last year, I feel at the height of my career. Staying at home would surely have been a waste of time and possibilities for everyone. [...] I feel at the best moment of my career, so I hope to win as many races as I can. I will continue to be involved with the life of Formula 1, just in case. [...] I will continue doing a couple of years and I will choose which races can impact my career the most, and I will run in them. If Formula 1 comes back at a time when it can be competitive and win, it can not catch me at home relaxed. I have to keep up to date and the best way to do it is to get involved in some way. "Fernando Alonso's statements always have to read between the lines what he says ...

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