Hispano Suiza Carmen: 1,019 electric HP to be reborn in Geneva

Hispano Suiza Carmen Salón de Ginebra

We already announced it a month ago. Hispano Suiza , the only manufacturer that stood up Rolls Royce and Bentley face to face in the first half of the 20th century, would return to the fray at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The mythical Spanish firm of luxury vehicles, founded in 1904 in Barcelona, ​​ will present a new model completely electric and very exclusive strong>.

Only 19 units will be made of this new Hispano Suiza Carmen , which is what it will be called. In addition, it is a car that will have a price of 1.5 million euros and will be 100% electric. It will be clearly inspired by the Dubonnet Xenia , one of its most famous models, dating back to 1938. However, it will not stay anchored in the past, as it will carry technology inherited directly from the Formula E .

Technology of the Formula E for 1,019 CV 100% electric

Hispano Suiza Carmen Salón de Ginebra

For this, the Spanish firm has worked with QEV Technologies, a Barcelona company with experience in engineering and production for the Mahindra team> from Formula E . Thanks to them, Hispano Suiza Carmen will have a fully electric powertrain and a maximum power that will reach 1,019 horses. This figure will place you at Pagani or McLaren's height.

Sus performance figures are amazing ... considering that we are talking about a luxury vehicle and not a pure sports car. According to the Spanish manufacturer, the Carmen will have two electric motors located on each wheel of the rear axle, which will have a differential system of vectorization of torque ( torque vectoring ), and that will allow you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, reaching up to 250 km/h electronically limited.

 Hispano Suiza Carmen Salón de Ginebra

On the other hand, since it is an electric vehicle, its autonomy will also be taken into account. The Hispano Suiza Carmen will carry a 700-cell lithium-ion battery pack, with 80 kWh capacity, that will allow to travel 400 kilometers without recharging, the NEDC cycle . The firm has also ensured that a variant with 105 kWh will be available later. It should be noted that it will support the 80 kW recharge technology, so it can be fully charged in just over an hour.

As for its structure, it will be done in a monocoque chassis , produced by hand and made of carbon fiber. Thanks to them, it will increase its rigidity and decrease its weight, which will be only 195 kilograms, with the total set of 1,690 kilograms. However, when the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors, we will have a lot of material and data to unveil.

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