The Geneva Motor Show will host the evolution of the coquettish Smart Forease +

Smart Forease +

Smart is one of the most important signatures young people in the automobile sector. It was born just two decades ago of the collaboration between the watchmaker Swatch and Daimler AG . However, it has managed to earn a good reputation, because it reached a segment that was not exploited. Even there, we must not forget that he has also suffered some missteps, such as the one that occurred with the first generation of the ForFour .

However, Smart is focused on your future, and now is when it's best for you. Your strategy is to electrify your range and leave internal combustion engines behind 2020 . Therefore, each one that can present a concept that advances where their steps will go. We already saw it in the past Paris Salon , because there he presented the Forease. In addition, they wanted to take advantage of and celebrate their first two decades of life.

Smart already presented a version of the Forease at the Paris Motor Show

Smart Forease +

The Smart Forease that we met in Paris was there, but now that Geneva approaches, we will have a new delivery. Now comes the Forease + version, that is, the evolution of the exercise presented last summer. If we look at him, now we find a hood in albero tone, and in the first one he lacked it. Thus, we can affirm that now more than ever it approaches the cabrio version of the current ForTwo.

The behind is another element that takes on its own identity. In the Smart Forease + you want to resemble a speedster . It is true that the difference between this and the ForTwo cabrio is no big difference, but we must not forget that the firm has already commercialized some daring versions of its models. The most remembered ones are the Crossblade or Roadster , so it would not be strange if the Forease + came to production in a short run.

The interior The Forease + will not reach the series, but I wish I could

Smart Forease +

If the exterior design is original, inside the designers have gone a step further. Once again, we see how the lines that the first Forease showed have evolved. In the interior highlights the open steering wheel in the upper area. The rest of elements is maintained with respect to the ForTwo that we already know, but the ornamentation is new. Thus, we find appliques in the same shade of the hood or seams on the seats.

Finally, we can not ignore your mechanics . As we have mentioned, from 2020 the Smart will be electric. Thus, the Forease + is based on the same power plant that drives the ForTwo electric . It has an electric motor that yields a power of 82 HP and 160 Nm that give it a real autonomy of about 150 kilometers.