Updated: Seat el-Born anticipates its presentation in Geneva

Seat el-Born electric mobility

Seat announced ago a few days that his first one hundred percent electric vehicle was on its way. Considering that the Geneva Motor Show was just around the corner, you did not have to be a lynx to know that it would be revealed in the Swiss event. In this way, the Spanish brand, would continue with the round of news that the Volkswagen Group is carrying in this area.

To announce this model, the brand published a press release with a teaser somewhat dark. In it, we can see how are the rear optical groups of the first Seat one hundred percent electric new era. However, as it happens today, there is no news that is saved from leaks , and the Spanish firm has been no less. Thus, a few days after the Palexpo opens the doors, we already know the final model.

Seat uncovered this teaser, but the surprise has lasted little

Seat el-Born teaser

In the press release issued to present the teaser, the Seat President , Luca de Meo, announced that

"This concept car is a project where Seat has put a lot of passion >, and shows the scope of the synergies carried out between design and technology, which go beyond the limits to meet the demands of mobility in the future "

From this image we can extract three key points. First, it has a silhouette type SUV . Second, the rear optical groups maintain the scheme seen in the Tarraco. And third, that does not seem an excessively large model in terms of size. However, several media have filtered the images of the model and the brand has had no choice but to unveil the Seat el-Born , which is how the concept will be called.

Nobody would deny that the new Seat León could be under his skin

 Seat el-Born electric mobility

Considering the design that the concept looks like, we could not help thinking that it looks like version 3.0 strong> of the late Altea . The lines that shape the frontal evolve the aesthetic language of Seat and that we could see in the future León. Thus, it has some very sharp optical groups and the total absence of front grille. The bumper is more aggressive in its lines, although as a good electric model, it does not need air intakes.

The lateral view is the most peculiar , because it is where it most remembers the Altea. In it, we find a roof line that descends sharply from pillar "B". The wheel arches are occupied by alloy wheels of generous size and fairing design. In addition, in the pillar "C" we find a bright black wall that further enhances its silhouette.

If we go to the behind , we find version 2.0 of the groups optics released by the Seat Tarraco . This zone is divided into three zones, highlighting the typography "FR" that alludes to the dynamic models of the brand. In the upper one we find a generous spoiler finished off in two tones.Lastly, the lower bumper has a simulated diffuser and the absence of exhaust outlets.

Simple interior, technological and transportable to production

Seat el-Born electric mobility

If the exterior design of the Seat el-Born presents new features, inside the thing is different. At first we could think of a futuristic passenger compartment , but no, it has some sensible lines. With this definition we do not mean that they are boring, but Seat seems to have designed this interior to take it to production without changes. Thus, there is no lack of a virtual cockpit or a generous screen for the infotainment system.

The set of materials used , at least as far as we can see in the filtered images, they seem correct. The quality of Seat products is at a good level, but in the case of a higher level product, we miss some noble material. Even so, the lines that shape the dashboard increase the sense of width of the interior. However, we must criticize something: controls for the air conditioner have ended on the screen, complicating its operation.

Finally, we must talk about your heart. Like the electric models of the Volkskwagen Group, the Seat el-Born is built on the MEB platform . Thanks to it, will have a propeller powered by electricity with 150 kW (204 hp). To this figure we must add an autonomy, confirmed by the brand, in 420 kilometers according to the WLTP protocol. Thus, the capacity of the battery is 62 kWh , which incidentally has the possibility of rapid recharging.


The official presentation of the Seat el-Born will take place next Monday at the Volkswagen Group Night .